BILLIBOB: LIfe is a journey



A few days ago I was with a dear friend and we talked about going tubing on a little creek closeby. This tubing thing is new to me. My tubing and nature loving friend Bill decided to bring along his big black Labrador dog who has been used to being in water a lot. Fred drove us off to the launch site and after a minutes of preparation, we're ready. Then I kiss Fred goodbye. My friend and I are off!It takes me a little time to get myself into the tube and get comfortable. Before we left, I told my friend that I only wanted to take a short ride. It just felt right for me to take it a bit slow the first time out. So Away we go tubing along with his Lab swimming dog. His dog often walks along the shoreline close to us. I notice that the river's current is running very fast. My friend remarked that it's very unusual for the current to be so strong. I hear him but I'm not at all worried. As we float down the rapids I'm feeling happy and safe sitting in my tube. The sun is shining,it's a beautiful summer day with my friend and his dog. My river companion tells me that he's sure we'll make great time on the creek and get to where his car is parked in about a hour. It's just about an hour later when we reach the launch. I feel relieved until he tells me that we have to go to the next launch which he says isn't far away. Time passes and there's no launch in sight. His black Lab now has to swim a lot because there's no reachable land on either side of us. The banks of the creek here are 7 to 8 feet high and rise straight up making it almost impossible to get out of the water. It feels like We just go on and on. I can see his dog getting more and more tired and looks like he's panting at the time. It worries me to see his dog struggling to keep up with us.The launch is nowhere in sight, yikes! I feel like I'm 'stuck'in my tube. The currents running very fast and now the water's too deep to stand or walk in. My friends dog is acting strange, panting harder and harder as he struggles to stay above the water. I see my friend has been pulled by his dog out the water, somehow managing to pull my friends water shoe off. The dog seems happy to be out of the water. Then he runs away with the shoe. Now We laugh together about how crazy and funny his dog is acting. After a little later we go float down river. Suddenly his dog pulls his tube away from him and swims again back onto shore and has pulled the tube out of the creek. My friend wrestles the tube out of his dog's mouth. We laugh together about what a crazy dog he is. Now the current speeds up,the creek banks are too high to get out. The dog has to swim harder to stay afloat and he's panting and struggling to stay above the waterline. I start to move ahead a bit, the current takes me. My friend seems to be having a tug of war with his dog whose trying to get the tube away from my friend. I laugh as I look back watching the dog and my friend together. The current takes me further along. I'm okay knowing my friend will catch up with me soon. I keep trying to slow down and tube back to my friend, I can't seem to be able to slow down. The current has speeded up and I'm moving so fast that I've completely lost sight of my friend. It feels like about an hour has gone by and I haven't seen my friend or his dog. Now I start to think that finding him is a long shot.

The sun's going down and I've come to a slow part of the creeks flow. It's getting darker, there's no people, no houses, and most of all no launch in sight. Now the creek speeds up again, taking many twists and turns over and over. I keep looking for the launch site and meanwhile it's getting darker and darker. It's at this moment that I realize I'm lost and alone. Fear starts taking over my mind and body, now I feel really trapped in this tube. It's so dark, I can hardly see in front of me. I remember my friend telling me that near the launch site was a big highway. I'm praying that I will hear the sounds of cars driving on the highway. No such luck, I can only hear the sounds of fast moving currents. I start to pray and call out to my Master Teacher's and God, please help me. I look up and see the bright clear moon coming out. Then, I look down and see some big trees that have fallen across the creek blocking my tube to get by. Somehow, I manage to swim to the side of the creek. I pull my tube out, then climb over the fallen trees. I am only wearing a bathing suit and short sleeve top. My legs are completely exposed, thank God I still have my water shoes on. Back into the water, I sit down in my tube again. With all of my being, I know that I must get out of this creek. Now, when the current slows down, I have to use my arms as paddles to keep me moving along. I'm so tired and waves of fear and anger are taking over me. I yell out loud for help to my friend Bill. Hey, where are you? How could you have messed it up so bad? Silence is the only answer I hear to my cries for help. I can hear only my own voice. I sink lower into my tube and start to silently pray, and call on my Master Teachers and Guides for help. I ask them to tell what to do. It's almost completely dark now. I want to get out of this tube so bad. Suddenly, I hear my Master Teachers tell me to stay in the creek. I'm told that it's not time yet. I listen to sounds that I think could be coming from a highway. Thank God! Maybe, I'm getting closer to finding a way out of here. Time passes and I'm still waiting to hear from my Master Teacher's to find out when I can get out of my tube. I hear something and suddenly see a very big fish that jumps out of the water very close to me. I'm startled to see such a big fish. I sense the fish is just as surprised to see me so close. The fish swims away jumping in and out of the water all the time, making lots of noise. That's it, I hear their voices telling me to go. It's the sign, it's what I've been waiting for. I can feel my Master Teacher's guiding me to get out of the water right now! I listen and paddle to the banks of the creek and start pulling the tube behind me. I'm on land! Now I have to get into the woods. I try to pull myself out, but I keep slipping back into the water because the bank of creek is about 7 feet of muddy, yukky stuff. I cry out to my Masters for help and after many minutes of climbing and then sliding back into the water. I'm finally able to get back up onto land. For some reason, I refuse to leave the tube. It's been my saving life-line all the way in this crazy surreal tubing adventure. When I stand up, I can hear the sounds of cars speeding on a highway. Now, I can see straight in front of me through the thick wooded trees a slight flicker of car lights speeding along the road. At last I can get help. I try to walk but I'm caught in high weeds and brambles. I think to use the tube as a shield to help protect my legs, and help me escape from here. The tube is very heavy, my arms are aching because they've been my paddles for hours. Covered in mud, the weeds sting and hurt my legs and arms, feels like little razor blades cutting my legs all over. I don't care anymore how badly my legs and arms hurt. I just have to get to the road. Maybe I can flag down a car and someone will help me get home to Fred. As I get close to the highway, I can see flashlights shining. My first thought is that someone had car trouble or some kind of car accident occurred. I feel a surge of energy, I wave and yell 'hey I'm here'. The flashlights are on me now and I see 4 or 5 men looking towards me. I can make out that they are all policemen. I hear them speaking on walkie talkies saying out loud 'we've found the female'. The policeman tells me not to move, he's coming down. There's another policeman following behind, they attempt to throw me a rope but I tell them that I don't want the rope. A big burly policeman gives me his hand. I'm still dragging behind me the silly tube and one policeman man tells me to let the tube go. His next question was asking me where my friend is? Right away I answer him that we got separated in the creek hours ago. I told him that my friend's dog was in big trouble struggling to stay above the waterline. I told him that I was sure my friend was safe because he had years of experience tubing on the this creek and others. It's just at this moment that I feel myself getting pulled up by the strength of the angel policeman. I see an ambulance right in front of me. I can see a whole group of rescue workers and one of them guides me into the ambulance. The ambulance crew asks me right away if they can take me to the hospital. I answer them with a definite no, telling them that even though I'm scratched up badly, I'm really okay. As I sit in the ambulance, one of the crew tells me they have to check-out my vital signs. I agree, and then someone gives me a few towels to put on my burning legs and arms. As the crew is checking me out, I'm told that my husband is on the way. I chime in right away, no, Fred's not my husband, he's my life partner. They go and tell me he's the one who called the police. One of the medical team members tells me that my vitals signs are good. Right now, they are concerned with my my blood pressure, which at the moment is very high. So we have to wait, and then they'll check me out again in a little while. One of them says that we're going away to some holding place. When I hear their plan, I ask them if we can please wait for a few minutes more because Fred's on the way. About a minute later, a State Trooper comes into the ambulance, and right behind I see Fred. Fred smiles and kisses me. I tell him that I'm fine. One of the medics comes over to me and starts checking my vitals again. I hear them discussing my blood pressure is normal now. I'm asked to sign a release form stating that I refused to be taken to the hospital. I signed the papers happily and thanked them all for the great job they have done for me. Fred slowly leads me out of the ambulance and takes my hand. Fred leads me down the steps which are very high off the ground. My legs are so sore, I feel weak on my feet, I almost fall down the steps. Fred steadies me, and helps me into the car. As we start to drive home, I'm aware that I'm in some kind of shock. I feel a little numb all over and a bit dopey. Fred drives on telling me the story of how he became worried about me around 5:30PM when me and my friend hadn't arrived at the launch site at the time we agreed on. He said he just knew for sure something was very wrong. He tried calling on my cell, but just then his cell went dead, so he drove home to recharge the phone. It's then he started to call the police and organize a search party to find us. He went on to tell me that the search party grew to almost forty people including local and state police, volunteers, kayak and canoe rescue teams, and even a helicopter. Some of the rescue teams were walking in the woods on foot searching for us. Fred said they were all prepared to search for us through the night or until they us. Wow. I never thought Fred would worry about me like this. I just figured he would be working all afternoon on his computer. I was very surprised to hear how strongly he got the energy that I was in trouble and in danger. Fred's intuitive sense never ceases to amaze me. I sit quietly now next to Fred as we head on home. I think about what he's been telling me, and how Blessed I am to have such a sensitive, intuitive partner who helped save my life. Fred is such a soul, so awake and aware, and in telepathic connection and communication with me! Fred's the reason why I got help so soon, and he's the one who found my friend Bill and his dog. He found them just as they were about to come out of the woods, nearby where we took off on our tubing expedition.

Fred said Bill and his dog both were very shook-up and exhausted, but okay. I was so relieved, happy to hear they were safely at home. I remember as I am now in the shower at home, I very gently wash off my legs and the rest of my body that on that dark creek I was told by my Master Teacher's that I had a very important Life Purpose to live and complete. They made it clear to me that it wasn't my time to leave my body. The days after this life altering experience, I have been in touch with an understanding that I am free and alive! I am really at home with my Divine Soul and my love, soul partner Fred. Now, I have the time to live the Divine Plan and Purpose of my life with an even greater depth of understanding and clarity and committment to Serve. I thank you my Master Teachers for your great Love, Guidance, protection and your Divine Deliverance. Victory to the Light! I love you all, om shanti, shanti, shanti, Victory to the Light!

This journey into the Light was one of many excursions with Billibob-my Black Lab- who was my angel incarnate---we did everything together for 10 years until his abrupt death in Savannah Georgia as we were travelling in the car on the way to Florida. What I learned from my many experiences with him including this one with my renowned Psychic friend-Katrina Fortuna-was that in this amazing journey called Life---what its all about is LIVIND...LOVING.....and  ....LEARNING...That each day is a gift-so make the most of it!

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