5 Funny Clips From The Young Ones

Here's 5 great scenes from The Young Ones guaranteed to make you smile!

The Young Ones was British Comedy at its anarchic best. Here's 5 awesome scenes that are true classics of British Comedy!

British Comedy At Its Best!

1. Cornflakes

What does cornflakes mean to you? Vyvyan enters a competition to win a car, and sums up his thoughts on the subject in 10 words. Rik points out that he's only come up with 9 words. This is from the episode "Boring".

2. The Party

The housemates decide to hold a party, and Rik gets to show off his complete lack of cool and social skills. Vyvyan, on the other hand, wants to impress the girls with how many press-ups he can do. At some point, the pigs try to break up the party, and Rik finds a telescope with a mouse inside it. Brilliant!  Anyone here like the Human League?

3. Don't stick you head out the window

The lads take a train journey so they can take part in University Challenge. Along the way, the find out who the world's stupidest bottom burp is. Vyvyan goes off to stuff loads and loads of paper down the toilet, but then gets distracted by a sign saying 'Do not lean out of the window'. I wonder why?

4. Motorhead

Who's ever going to forget Motorhead's appearance on the Young Ones? Turn up the volume, and upset your neighbours!

5. The Kitty

Neil keeps hitting himself in the head with a frying pan, but all the lads are interested in is their breakfast. Neil doesn't want to go to the shop in case his hair loses its shape in the rain, but they eventually get the money out of the kitty. 

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